Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Murder by Government

A young mother, visiting Washington DC with her little 3 year old daughter, decides to drive past the White House to see it. After all, with the government shut down, traffic should be light. She make a wrong turn and, becoming flustered, bumps into a concrete barricade damaging her car which was her pride and joy.

What happens next is horrifying and too symptomatic of what the Government of the USA has become. A bunker mentality protecting itself against any, real or perceived, threats.

When the woman hit the barricade a dozen or more agents and police sprang in front of her car. Guns drawn, in firing posture they screamed at her to get out of the car, raise her hands, and other threats. Her baby was probably screaming, she was panicking. In a desperate move to get out of the situation, she gunned the car, turned and found an exit. Lost and now desperate she quickly drives away, trying to get away from the danger. Eventually she sees a clear section of road ahead. She rushes away.

Twenty or more police cars, sirens screaming, lights flashing, pursue her. Terrified, she suddenly is faced with a barricade of police vehicles across the road, but now she is traveling at high speed and cannot stop. She crashes into a police car. She is hurt and dazed, her baby is panic-stricken. She tries to get out of the car and is met with a fusillade of bullets, killing her.

What part of this story is the most horrifying? The poor mother?  Her little baby? the police and Secret Service agents? The atmosphere of fear and defensiveness in Washington heightened by the President's and other Democratic rhetoric? ("Terrorists", "Anarchists")

What has our country become? Osama bin Laden has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. America has become an armed camp. George Bush and the Government at that time established protections against the threat of "Terrorism." Homeland Security, TSA, NSA and many others all enlarged and strengthened. The media drummed up the levels of anxiety already heightened by the horrific visions of 9/11. War in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Now the Obama administration has greatly enlarged the domestic policing and military capability. Homeland Security now has thousands of armored Humvees, millions of rounds of ammunition; armed police and swat teams  for most Government agencies; FAA, EPA, NPS, even NLRB! The focus now is now inwards; redistribution of wealth, control of all aspects of everyone's lives, snooping into every aspect of our private business.

Why was it necessary to use overwhelming force against this young mother? At least initially? Dozens of armed police confronted her, a terrifying chase by twenty or more screaming police cars. This is overkill, in the full sense of the word.

Where do we go from here? The media is already digging up her "mental issues." The police are saying nothing and when they do, be assured it will be a coverup. We are increasingly faced with a police state. If you don't comply, first the media, then the government, then your friends, will persecute you and destroy you.

The media has become the government's mouthpiece. No more Journalism, just propaganda and advocacy for socialist ideology.  The protections inherent in a free, unbiased press have disappeared. We rely on our internet connections; blogs, online news collections and opinions.

We are lost!

NYT Story

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